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Software Development as a Service

Is your team in need of superior expertise for a short period of time?  Our IT consultants are some of the most tech savvy people you will meet and are used to sharing knowledge and complete projects under tight deadlines.​

Our consultants come with long experience from different industries. We are a tight nit team and are used to work together to solve problems and come up with solutions. 

Together we set up a team of one or several senior consultants to give your team the injection it needs. 

The expertise you need,
when you need it 

Work with the best at a monthly fixed fee

Our clients pay a subscription based fee of 125,000kr/monthly for our senior developers. 

You can cancel at any time or scale up or down depending on budget and project timeline.


Examples of what we can offer



Specialist pairs

Get two or more specialists, used to working together and share knowledge, deployed to your teams to help out.

(+3 months)


Senior Expert

Get a senior developer for your team to cover for a long period of time


(+6 months)


Specialist Team

Get three or more developers to build a specific solution or product from scratch. 

(+3 months to tailored setup depending on project)


Looking for a reliable software development partner?

Tell us about your project!

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