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Taking control of your B2B digital marketing efforts

Informind was created through deep experience working with decision makers in B2B digital marketing. The tool helps you make better decisions by gaining control over your digital marketing efforts. Informind connects your digital channels and collect all marketing data, our algorithms then calculate your key figures. Informind simply helps you spend your valuable time and energy on the right things, so you can maximize your ROI.


Not just insights you want,
insights you need.

Informind offers an automated collection of data and connects your digital channels. The tool presents an analysis with key figures that you actually care about. 


Through insights about which of your digital marketing activities have performed best and which channels have generated the highest ROI, you build a stable foundation on which to base your future strategies. 

Analytics as a Service - Informind helps you all the way from data collection and visualization to supporting insights and implementing changes in your marketing strategy.

Case timeline

November 2020 - July 2021

August 2021- June 2022

July 2022 - 

Arizon develops the first version of the Informind SaaS product, in tight collaboration with our B2B marketing domain experts.

Informind's gets its first customers, and the product is continuously developed in tandem with the market and customers. Marketings and sales efforts intensify.

Emma steps in as Informinds first employee to help scale the business

"The people behind Informind have extensive experience in digital marketing, system development and consulting. We created Informind to maximize customer visibility and control over digital marketing. This without having to make large investments in software and consulting support."

 - Emma Wretman, Partner &

Business Developer Informind


Created to give Marketing Managers in B2B better control of their digital marketing activities 

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