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The pension market is growing and more pension savers than ever are moving their pension.

"The legislation becomes more generous with the aim of making it more efficient for the pension customer and at the same time tightens the requirements on insurance companies and intermediaries.

Springville offers a system that allows banks and insurance companies to let their clients move their pension savings through a complete digital journey."

 - Paola Palacios, CEO Springville AB


Opportunities but also challenges

Many recognize themselves in being stuck in old systems, a tough IT prioritization, a tight investment budget and at the same time managing price pressure and reducing costs.

How do we solve it? 

Through Springville's digital engine.

Simply plug into the engine and we will help you with your own adaptations when you wish.

  • Lowers your costs

  • Eliminates time-consuming administration

  • You can help more customers in a shorter time

  • Automates the entire moving flow with digital connections and digital signatures

  • The move engine monitors, provides status updates and confirms when the move is complete

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